Second-to-none scrap ticketing software makes buying scrap quick and easy.

  • Choose Customers
    • Register customers quickly so that your employees do more and your customers wait less.
      • ScrapyardPro integrates with hardware like fingerprint readers, ID scanners and electronic signature pads to provide a seamless workflow for registering new customers.
      • Search for existing customers by name, ID # or vehicle tag.
      • Update information for existing customers when buying materials.
  • Buy Scrap
    • ScrapyardPro’s quick-and-easy buying process makes your customers happy.
      • Pull weights and take photos by clicking a single button.
      • Automatically print tickets
      • Pay by cash, check, wire, or accounts payable
  • Report Purchases
    • Don’t stay late sending records of scrap metal purchases to the authorities or wake up at night worrying about meeting your reporting obligations.
      • Capture all of the information that you need to report to law enforcement as you register new customers.
      • Validate each purchase before you buy.
      • Send your daily purchasing report with a click of a button–or even automatically.

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