We started more than 20 years ago as Web4Minds, a software development firm that provides custom solutions to meet our clients’ needs. One such client came to us to develop software to manage their scrapyards.

Upon receiving feedback from the client and working with dozens of other scrap yards, we realized that we had created a product that stood out among the competition, so we brought our solution to the marketplace as ScrapyardPro. It is now used at recycling centers across the country—and around the world–by clients ranging from single-location owners to regional operators.

  • We help each customer create their ideal recycling center.
  • As partners in their growth, we help our customers operate more efficiently so that they can invest the time and money that they save back into their businesses.
  • We continuously stretch our skills, refine our processes and expand our knowledge so that we can provide you with efficient technology, personalized service, and helpful information.

With our background in enterprise software development, the biggest differentiating factor is that our in-house team of developers and programmers customizes ScrapyardPro for users, helping them leverage technology to increase efficiency.

We constantly strive to improve our product so that you can improve your business.

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