ScrapyardPro’s Texas recycling software helps you comply with the state’s scrap metal laws. Easily manage scrap cards and report purchases to the state with affordable recycling software.

Texas Recycling Laws

Regulations for Metal Recycling Entities in Texas prohibit scrapyards from paying customers in cash unless they have a cash transaction card. MREs also must report purchases to the Texas Department of Public Safety. ScrapyardPro helps MREs comply with Texas scrap metal laws.

Managing Cash Cards

  • Automatically fill-in cash card applications
  • Collect customer signatures digitally
  • Print scrap cards individually or in groups
  • Avoid buying from customers with expired cash transaction cards with automatic alerts
  • Keep detailed customer records with purchase histories and other information

Reporting Purchases

  • Check transactions for non-compliance
  • Easily export transactions and upload them to the Texas DPS website
  • Automatically report transactions to LeadsOnline or BWI
  • Time-stamp images, thumbprints, signatures for accurate record-keeping
  • Export police reports with transaction details if needed

Recycling Software for Texas MREs


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