Comprehensive software gives you instant visibility into your business through live dashboards and customized reporting.

  • Drive with Data
    • When you’re running a business, you depend on data to determine your direction.
      • Quick-access buttons and dashboards instantly give you the insights you need, like the latest data on purchases, sales and shipments.
      • You also can customize reports by details like customer, date and location.
      • Create queries and ad hoc views and exports for data such as inventory, orders and payments.
  • Enhance Customer Relationships
    • Build your business by building relationships with your customers through ScrapayardPro.
      • Group customers by type so that you can market to them effectively and track your efforts efficiently.
      • Make it easier for customers to do business with you through client portals.
      • Reward customers for repeat purchases through loyalty cards.
  • Handle Logistics
    • Whether you are shipping across town, out-of-state or overseas, ScrapyardPro helps you load materials, track shipments and make and collect payments.
      • Manage deadlines and shipments on shared calendars.
      • Streamline workflows by automatically creating bills of lading, packing lists and invoices.
      • Dispatch vehicles and track their movements through GPS.

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