ScrapyardPro gives you the power to manage your business and your software.

  • Configure Your Business
    • Tailor the software to your needs.
      • Name materials, set prices, and customize documents like your receipts, invoices and checks, such as by adding your logo and choosing the information to include.
      • Enable features and options, like rounding ticket totals, automatically printing receipts and viewing negative inventory, according to your workflows
      • Simplify compliance by exporting properly coded transactions and connecting to law enforcement databases like LeadsOnline, BWI and state-specific reporting systems.
  • Personalize Your Software
    • Choose what information you want to view and how.
      • Set up personal dashboards based on how you manage your recycling center.
      • Bookmark favorite reports for fast access.
      • Integrate with your accounting software, including QuickBooks, for even greater insight into your business.
  • Customize Your Reports
    • Analyze pre-defined reports or create new ones for your recycling center.
      • Determine fields and data for analysis
      • Filter, sort and arrange columns according to your priorities.
      • Export to common formats like Excel and PDF for viewing and using information outside of ScrapyardPro.

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