Increase productivity by streamlining workflows.

  • Automate Processes
    • Save time with automation.
      • Populate multiple forms and documents by entering data once.
      • Automatically report scrap purchases to law enforcement.
      • Generate a ticket as soon as your vehicle picks up a load by using mobile hotspots.
  • Work Across Platforms
    • Log in from almost any device.
      • ScrapyardPro runs on Windows computers as well as iOS and Android devices.
      • Collaborate with team members running different versions of ScrapyardPro.
      • Buy and sell from customers’ locations with our mobile app.
  • Connect Locations
    • Run multiple locations simultaneously through a single log-in if you have more than one recycling center.
      • See reports for one or more locations.
      • Restrict user access by location.
      • Share customer records for quicker buying.

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