New South Dakota Scrap Laws

South Dakota recyclers now need to keep photocopies of the IDs provided by customers who sell more than $100 of nonferrous scrap metal.

Recyclers also must use checks or electronic funds transfers to pay for purchases of nonferrous materials that exceed $100.

Both changes were included in House Bill 1082, which Gov. Kristi Noem signed into law in March. They took effect on July 1.

South Dakota scrap metal laws now require recyclers to keep the following records when purchasing nonferrous materials worth more than $100.

  1. Date, location, and value of the transaction;
  2. Signature of the person selling the nonferrous metal property;
  3. Name, street address, city, and state of the seller;
  4. Photocopy of the seller’s current driver’s license or other government-issued picture identification card;
  5. A description of the predominant types of nonferrous metal property involved in the transaction, including the weight, quantity, or volume of the scrap nonferrous metal; and
  6. Name of the employee representing the scrap metal business in the transaction.

In a story on how the changes to scrap metal sales aim to prevent theft, a South Dakota scrap yard executive told KOTA TV that keeping records digitally helps customers, recyclers, and law enforcement.

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